Karan Johar celebrates first birthday as a daddy!

Karan Johar became a father to his twins, Roohi and Yash last year on February 7 and this year as they turn one, Karan is all pumped up and excited about the big day.

However, unlike expected, the birthday celebrations might apparently not be a grand affair. 

According to reports, the father of the twin bundle of joys has decided to keep the birthday party intimate. Apparently, it will be the star kids that will celebrate the day with Yash and Roohi.

Karan reportedly revealed that it is a small birthday party at home, with just kids of their age. He wants to keep it simple and intimate this year.

The guest list includes - Taimur Ali Khan, Adira Chopra, Misha Kapoor, Laksshya Kapoor and also many B-town kids will reportedly grace the party.

Karan has embraced fatherhood with much happiness and positivity. On fatherhood, he says: "It's surreal to think of Roohi and Yash as my daughter and son. It's daunting in a gorgeous way to wake up suddenly at night and remember that I have life breathing in the next room that I'm totally accountable for." When they were born, he knew it would be this way. That his work, travel and social commitments would go for a toss because he'd want to give them unconditional love, care and attention. "Today when they are home, I cannot stay away from them for long," he admitted.