Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah accused BJP of misusing government machinery

New Delhi, May 9: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday accused the the BJP of misusing government machinery. While addressing the media, the Chief Minister said that the Congress is constantly under surveillance of the BJP.

"This is the 12th time, I am fighting elections but for the first time, these raids are being conducted at the time of elections. They are misusing government machinery," Siddaramaiah said.

He added, "It is the Election Commission's job to investigate. I don't have to say anything about it."

Last night, 9,746 voter ID cards were found from a flat in SLV Park View Apartment in Bengaluru's Jalahalli locality, and the Election Commission's revelation of the same at midnight was followed by political sparring, as both BJP and Congress alleged the other's links with the concerned flat.