Karnataka govt unveils new rules to curb surging prices by cab services

Bengaluru: Karnataka government has issued fresh guidelines for cab services like Uber and Ola as a measure to curb the surging prices.

The new guidelines not only ensure safety of the passengers but also ensure that the cab aggregators do not charge more than the maximum prescribed fare.

The Karnataka On-demand Transportation Technology Aggregators Rules, 2016 came into effect on April 2 and guarantee regular fare even during the peak hours.

The new guidelines also include compulsory background check of drivers, panic button in cabs and continuous GPS monitoring of cabs.

According to the new guidelines:

- The applicant should have at least 100 taxis in the fleet or in agreement with individual taxi permit holders.

- The applicant has to have a control room facility.

- The vehicle should have a display board inside the taxi with the driver’s info.

- The vehicle should have a yellow coloured display board with the word “Taxi” visible from both the front and the rear and can be illuminated at night.

- The driver should be a resident of Karnataka for a minimum of 5 years.

- The driver should have a working knowledge of Kannada and any other language, preferably English.

- The cab aggregator must train the drivers at least once in a year on safe driving skills, gender sensitization and passenger etiquette etc.

- The vehicle should have a small feedback register kept in the taxi, easily accessible to passengers.

-The cab aggregator must publish the policy on taxi fare beforehand.

- The drivers cannot take independent or direct bookings unless done via the obtained license.

News24 Bureau