Katiyar stirs controversy,"Muslims should leave India, go to Pakistan, Bangladesh"

New Delhi, Feb 7: Responding to AIMIM chief and MP Asaduddin Owaisi who is demanding a fresh law for protecting Indian Muslims, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar responds by saying that since India was made on the basis of religion, all Muslims must leave India and be sent to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

"There should be a bill that punishes those who do not respect Vande Matram, those who insult the national flag... those who hoist the Pakistani flag, they should be punished," Katiyar said on Owaisi's demand of prosecution for calling Indian Muslims 'Pakistani'. 

"Doosri baat ye hai, Musalman iss desh mein rehna hi nahin chahye, unhone jansankhya ke aadhaar par desh ka batwara kardia toh iss desh mein rehne ki kya avashyakta thi? Unko alag bhu-bhaag de dia gaya, Bangladesh ya Pakistan jaayen yahan kya kaam hai unka?" 

Earlier Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Vinay Katiyar stoked a fresh controversy by saying Taj Mahal will soon become Tej Mandir.

When asked about the 'Taj Mahostav' being held in Agra, the MP told ANI, “Call it Taj Mahotsav or Tej Mahotsav both are the same things. There is not much difference between Taj and Tej. Our Tej Mandir has been turned into a cremation ground by Aurangzeb. Taj Mahal will be converted into Tej Mandir soon.”

“It is a good thing that a festival is being organised but this Taj Mahal is not the one that existed during the time of Aurangzeb. It was our temple,” he added.

“It (Taj Mahal) was once a Shiv Temple and a 'Shivaling' was also built, which was later removed. There are many other signs that show that Mughal mausoleum is a Hindu Temple," he had said.
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