Katrina gives fitness goals with her TOWEL, see her sexy moves

New Delhi, Sep 18: Even Katrina Kaif's detractors will agree that she is one of the fittest Bollywood stars. Reams have been written about her training and fitness from Salma Khan. In fact she has often mentioned how Salman Khan has often given her fitness goals.

But this picture of Katrina doing her exercise with towel will give major fitness goals to all fitness enthusiasts. Katrina is seen doing her Fletcher Pilates Towel Workout with her celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. This et of exercise is best for strengthening lower abdominal and pelvic muscles. So one can now easily guess how sexy and hot Katrina have sculpted muscles, so much strength and superb flexibility.

It involves very precise moves and specific breathing technique. Yasmin Karachiwala is a celebrity trainer and is the reason behind the fitness and sculpted bod of many Bollywood divas.