Katrina is LOVE GURU for KJO

New Delhi, Feb 3: Many celebrities in Bollywood may be calling Karan Johar for relationship advice but the filmmaker too needed some advice recently. And, then the 45-year-old director turned to none other than but our own Chikni Chameli Katrina Kaif. 

Recetnly Karan turned RJ for a FM station and got a call from Katrina on the show who revealed that she seeks advice from KJo on clothes.

Karan made a sweet confession recently that he frequently look up to Katrina when he's in need of some help as far as emotional relationships are concerned. 

"Katrina only you and I know that there was a juncture in my life where I was completely backed against a wall and I felt the need to talk to someone. We were in the gym together and at the end of the session I said, 'I really need to talk'," Karan said.

He added, "I went with her and we had a two hour chat and what I did as a result of that conversation post that was only because of Katrina Kaif's advice."

Praising the actor, Karan revealed that Katrina is an emotional person and her "EQ is amazingly solid."

"She has a terrific understanding of human emotions and dynamics, and she is a go to person when you have an emotional encounter in your life. I rarely go to anyone but I know Katrina is one person I would go to because she would give me very solid and sane advice," said KJo.