Katrina shares her views on privacy!

A couple of months back, Katrina made her debut on social media. While Katrina's contemporaries already have their account on various social media platform and interect with their fans. For the reserved Katrina, it took some time to finally make her foray to Facebook and Instagram. 

In a recent interview, when a leading daily asked Katrina if she thinks social media is a curse, the actress said, "I think there are two ways of looking at it. If you can't beat them, join them (smiles)."

Talking about social media in today's time, Katrina added, "In about last five years, the concept of privacy has anyway ceased to exist and I saw the shift happen when the photographers could be spotted everywhere in Mumbai and, in a way, the paparazzi culture started."

Throwing light on the paparazzi culture, Katrina added, "In the last half decade or so, that culture or that sense of privacy that you are talking about changed with the invasion or takeover of social media. If I go off social media, it is not going to give me more privacy. You are still going to have that paparazzi picture or that photo from a party."

"Earlier, everybody would get to know about a party — who all were there and what all happened — only 3-4 days after it had taken place but that's not the case anymore," concluded the actress.