Keen on making more music for Bollywood: Raghu Dixit

New Delhi: Raghu Dixit, lead vocalist of popular band The Raghu Dixit Project, says he wants to make music for Bollywood.

"I am very keen on making more music for Bollywood," Dixit told IANS over an email.

He feels more than promoting independent musicians and indie music, Bollywood puts the spotlight on movies and everything that is part of the movies. And he finds nothing wrong in it, saying it is only natural. 

"Bollywood gives exposure to Bollywood. Bollywood is not a genre, it is an industry. And a well funded industry that is great with promotion and marketing," Dixit told IANS. 

As a part of its 10th anniversary, Sula is dedicating the first day of the festival to Indian artists as a move to promote homegrown talent.

Talking about his performance at SulaFest, Dixit said: "We have played at one of the first editions of the SulaFest back in the day when it just began and even then we remember thinking that this would be a fantastic festival going forward. And today it has definitely beaten our expectations! 

"We will be debuting a brand new set of songs at the SulaFest this time and are quite excited and nervous about how it will go down with the audience." 

Other members of the multilingual folk band are Gaurav Vaz, Joe Jacob, Parth Chandiramani and Bryden Lewis.