Keep the monsoon troubles at bay

New Delhi: Rains are here, and so are the skin and hair fears. Sweat and oil deposits make the skin and hair really dull so adjust your skin and hair care routine according to the season. From avoiding rubbing your face while drying it up to avoid hair spray and hair gel can do the trick, says an expert. A change in weather does not mean you put do away with your skin and hair care routine. Nivedita Dadu, dermatologist from skinology of Skin and Hair Clinic, suggests how. * Cleanse your skin: Washing the impurities away from our skin allows it to breathe. Clean your skin by washing thoroughly with soap and by removing impurities. But to protect the skin's natural oils, avoid anti-fungal and perfumed soaps. Instead use a non-soapy cleanser that ensures deep pore cleansing. Splashing the eyes with cold water also provides great relief. * Don't rub your face while drying it: The facial skin is very delicate so rubbing it with a towel can cause hyper-pigmentation. Gently pat it dry avoiding any kind of friction * Go for fruit based face packs: It is also an excellent way to freshen up dull skin and the monsoon is the best weather for them -- there is no risk of sun exposure and sensitivity after the peeling session.  * Don’t Tie your hair if it gets wet in rain: Rain causes humidity which leads to split ends because rain water has chlorine in it. After returning home, shampoo your hairs, leave it to dry and then only tie it. * Don’t use hair gel or hair sprays: hair is already dry and fizzy during rainy season and these products cause more dryness. Use nice hair serum after every wash. As it carries silicon which helps giving shine to your hairs. Serum is considered to be Anti-Humidity product