Kendall Jenner likes natural beauty

Los Angeles: Model and reality TV personality Kendall Jenner says she prefers to show off her natural beauty but really likes contouring. "I always think less is more and showing your natural beauty. Personally, I love a bit of contour but I also think it's about knowing your own face and knowing what works for your face," Kendall told Cosmopolitan magazine, reports However, that's not to say make-up isn't important to Kendall as she previously unveiled her own Estée Edit palette after she teamed up with Estée Lauder. She shared: "You guys, so this is my palette, I have my own Estée Edit palette. I'm low-key freaking out inside and I think my head is exploding. The palette is super me obviously because I created it. I'm very simple so a lot of the colours are simple." Meanwhile, when it comes to fitness, Kendall tries her best to exercise. "To be honest, I could probably be lazy and not work out and still look the same - but I'm not like that. I've always been really active. I like to work out to feel better about myself.  "I do a lot of photoshoots with my stomach showing, and it just feels better to know that I can wear a crop top - or nothing, - at a last-minute shoot and not be worried about it. It's all about feeling good about my body and being confident at work. "Eating healthy is a huge part of it. I can feel it in my workouts when I'm not eating right. I love pasta, but it definitely makes me feel tired, which I don't like. I usually start my day with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal. I just feel better if I eat better!"