Killed Indian's family at memorial for Brussels terror attack victims

Brussels: A ceremony was held at the Royal Palace here on Sunday in remembrance for the March 22 terror attacks victims, which included a young Indian techie. Flowers were placed by young Belgians on behalf of each of the 32 victims, including Indian Raghavendra Ganeshan, as their names were read out. Relatives of the other victims were also present. India's Ambassador to Belgium Manjeev Singh Puri along with Ganeshan's wife, his four-month-old son, his parents and brother were all there. The family had been invited by the Belgian government and during the ceremony they had occasion to interact with King Phillipe, Prime Minister Charles Michel and Foreign Minister Didier Reynders. In his speech, Michel said: "We will succeed because we believe in our way of life." "The force of freedom always wins over fear. We will defend our ideals and we will be united. Where you come from, who you are, whom you love, what religion you practice is of no importance," he said. Ganeshan, an Infosys employee, lost his life in the suicide blast at Maalbeek metro station on March 22.