Kim Jong Un to launch Match Making Contest for her sister's marriage

 North Korean Dictator is all set to launch a matchmaking Contest to find a groom for his sister Kim Yo Jong - inspired from the popular dating game shows in the west.

According to the British Tabloid "The Sun,"  the contest will be same as "Take me Out" which is aired in U.K where 30 women compete for the heart of one gentleman.

Conditions for the perfect Bridegroom:

* Must be a Graduate from Pyongyang Kim Il Sung university. * Height must be minimum 5 feet 10 inch and must have experience in the working of the army.   

According to The Sun, the same contest was held in 2012, but no one lived up to the expectations set by KiM Jong-Un.

About Kim Yo Jong 

Kim Yo Jong is considered as the most powerful women in North Korea She was elected to the 7th  Congress earlier this month which was held after 36 years According to the South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, Kim Yo Jong is in charge of the propaganda, as well as the promotions and appointments for Kim Jong Un.

At her Graduation time, she enjoyed the most due to her powerful family status, all students studying in the university used to give way when she used to come in the hall and no other student except her classmates can stand on elevators with her.