Kirti Azad in trouble for being abusive; officer complains to PM

New Delhi, Oct 3, News24 Bureau: A government official has lodged a complaint against local MP Kirti Azad whom he accused of using foul language over telephone, a charge denied by the lawmaker who challenged the accuser to come up with evidence.In a letter addressed to the District Magistrate of Darbhanga, Pushpesh Kumar who is posted as Officer on Special Duty in the district intelligence unit alleged that he had called up Azad on his mobile on Monday night requesting him to take part in a function organized on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

He alleged that the MP used abusive language and took exception to him being called directly instead of speaking to his personal assistant.The official said that he was deeply hurt by the MPs behavior which could adversely affect the morale of government servants performing their duties and urged initiation of suitable action against the lawmaker.In a statement, Azad expressed "surprise" over the allegation and said when the official had called him on his mobile he found the voice was not audible and hence asked the latter to talk to his personal assistant.He also said "in the age of smartphones, the complainant must be having a recording of the conversation. He should come up with the same and show at what point of time my behavior was inappropriate. If he fails to do so, I would sue him seeking damages of Rs five crore.""This is election year and it is really unfair to tarnish the reputation of a person in this fashion. He should either apologize or be ready for legal action from my side," Azad, a BJP MP who was suspended from the party a few years back said.