Know how to find your lost smartphone while sitting at home

New Delhi, Nov 22: Lost your smartphone on silent or vibration mode or without any tracker then one thing that can be a lifesaver for you is Google’s Find My Device app. If a smartphone user installs this app on their smartphone, this app can be used from any other device to track the lost phone. The Google tracking app can even make the lost phone ring even if it's on silent mode or wipe it remotely. 

Earlier location accuracy of the lost device was relatively less if lost in places like malls, airports and other areas. But Google recently updated the app to track the device with a higher degree of accuracy if the device is lost in an indoor map of some of such areas like airports and malls.

Currently, Google is offering indoor maps for famous places, airports and popular mall. Users can see stores are inside the mall, along with the floor level they are located at. 

In the latest Google has also patented an Augmented and/or Virtual Reality footwear. However, key features of this are yet to be disclosed.

News24 Bureau