Know more about this 15-year-old teenager Shardul Vihan, who is already a winner in Asiad 2018

New Delhi, Aug 23, News24 Bureau: India's young shooter, Shardul Vihan, increased the country's glory in the Asian Games 2018. The 15-year-old shooter gave the silver medal to India in the double trap rifle event on Thursday. Shardul is one of India's third youngest athletes to win a medal in the current Asian Games. With him, this list includes Saurabh Chaudhary and Lakshaya. Shardul was fond of rifle shooting at the age of 7. Shardul has a very interesting story behind this.

when Shardul was 6, his father Deepak Vihan admitted him to the Cricket Club after seeing his interest in sports. For nearly a year, Shardul played in the Cricket Club. But he told his father that he does not want to play cricket further because he is being placed last in the batting, bowling, and fielding also. After hearing this father Deepak sent him to the Badminton Coach.

The badminton court was also far from the house of Shardul. One day, Shardul got delayed in practicing. Seeing this, the coach told him to return. The next day when Shardul's father went to the coach, he was told that Badminton is not right for Shardul and to send him to another game.

When Shardul was 7 years old, the father introduced him to Rifle Association coach Vedpal Singh. The coach said that Shardul is very small and he will have to wait a bit for handling rifle. The coach gave Shardul a chance to target by raising the rifle. The 7-year-old boy took the rifle with great ease and targeted. The coach was stunned and agreed to train him. This changed the life of Shardul completely.

Shardul trained four years with coach Vedpal. After this, he started taking training in Delhi. Shardul is a resident of Meerut. That's why he used to travel to Delhi every morning to practice by covering 150 km from Meerut with his uncle.