Know what will cost more from today

New  Delhi: Though we wish you a very Happy New Year, but still we want to tell you about certain facts that may spoil your New Year party. from January 1, there are certain things for which you will to pay more as the concessions given by government stand withdrawn effective midnight December 31.

1.Concession on charges levied on card payments will go, making card payments costly.  

2. Service tax on card payments up to Rs 2,000 was waived off till Dec 31, it will come into effect from Jan 1

3. From Jan 1, charge of 0.25% will be levied on payments upto Rs 1,000, and of 0.5% for payments between Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000

4. Withdrawing cash from other ATMs will again attract fees from Jan 1

5. The relaxations on charges on net transactions will be back from Jan 1. Now you will have to pay Rs 2.50 for transferring money upto Rs 10,000, Rs 5 on transfer of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh, Rs 15 for Rs 1 lakh-2 lakh and Rs 25 for above Rs 25 lakh. You will also have to pay service charges  

6. Mobile banking charges were reduced to Rs 0.50 till Dec 31.From Jan 1 you will have to pay Rs 1.50

7. Service charges will return on online rail ticket booking

8. Paytm will levy a fees of 1% on KYC customers, 4% on non-KYC customers

9. You will to pay penalty on possession of old notes above 10 notes.

10. Old notes cannot be deposited/exchanged by ordinary Indians