Kristen Bell slaps reporter on red carpet

Los Angeles, Actress Kristen Bell hit a rude male reporter who tried to grab her during a premiere of her new movie "The Boss". Bell had an uncomfortable encounter with the reporter, whose name is Kevin Donnelly.  In a video obtained by entertainment website JustJared, Donnelly was seen bobbing the mic on Bell's face as he asked a silly question about who's the boss in the movie, reports "I don't really care," he added. It's unclear what prompted Donnelly's bizarre question.  "Okay. That's enough," Bell said. As she turned her back ready to leave, Donnelly suddenly grabbed her arm while calling her "baby". Having had enough, Bell slapped the reporter, sending him sprawled on the floor.  "Kristen, it's really OK," he said as he got up and climbed over the barricade. Shocked with his behaviour, Bell quickly made her way inside the building.