Kumaraswamy assures that he is in touch with missing Congress MLAs

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Jan 15: The crisis in Karanatka may not be yet apparent, but yes, there certainly is a lull before the storm.

All eyes are on Karnataka chief minister Kumaraswamy who has assured, "I'm in touch with 'missing' Cong MLAs, don't worry."

 Kumaraswamy on weekend flew to Delhi over the weekend. The MLAs are still holed up at a five-star resort in Gurugram. The MLAs are at the resort since the weekend, when the BJP had a two-day leadership conclave. The 99 MLAs are occupying 60 of its 100-odd rooms, say reports.The chief minister has maintained a confident mien saying that they will remain in control despite the two independent MLAs quitting the coalition. His message was crystal clear: Don't worry everything is under control.

The Congress party, the alliance partner in the coalition government with the JD-S has moved its MLAs to a hotel in Mumbai. Reports say that three of the MLAs are missing. However, Kumaraswamy rubbished the rumours saying, "The MLAs (Congress MLAs in a Mumbai hotel) are unreachable to the media, not to me. I am in touch with everybody and I am speaking to everybody, they will come back. Our coalition is going on smoothly. I was relaxed and I am relaxed. Don't worry, be happy."The seven-month alliance of the Janata Dal Secular and the Congress party  in Karnataka has been suffering from berth pangs right from the inception with many MLAs unhappy at being denied ministerial berths, making them open to poaching.

In the meantime reports are also pouring in that there is something brewing up in Madhya Pradesh government also and fresh problems may be picking up head there as well as the BJP is just a few seats behind Congress. Congress got support from BSP and SP to forma government there. But later Akhilesh was unhappy that his MLA was not in the cabinet. With Agencies