Lara Dutta venturing into Skincare Brand!!!!



Over the years Lara Dutta came into the spotlight when she won Miss Universe in 2000. After a few successful movies such as Andaaz, Kaal, Zindaa, No Entry and Billu Barber, she is foraying into becoming a successful entrepreneur too. 

Lara Dutta is all set on entering the world of skincare products with her very own range called ARIAS.

The said range that is scheduled to hit stores later this year has been actively developed by Lara. In fact, the actress has been involved at every stage of development for the same partnered with research laboratories in Singapore and dermatologists specialising in skincare, to develop a world-class product with visible results. Commenting on the product rage Lara Dutta stated that given the number of times she has been asked about her skin, she decided to extend her knowledge in this form was the obvious path.

On the personal front, Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi do not fall in the category of ‘social-media’ lovers. Although their love story created waves when they started dating, the two are too private to exchange love messages and silly banters on social media. But here’s an exception that was made! This film-meets-sports couple has a lovely daughter named Saira and while their lives seem to revolve around her constantly, their recent funny posts too was related to her.

Mahesh Bhupathi was the one who seems to have initiated the same by sharing a picture on social media of his daughter adorably frowning over something as he captioned the same saying, “Here is a sulky face you won’t forget @LaraDutta #tb #kindoflikethemum #wishicouldfreezeher.”

While he indicated that the frown resembled Lara Dutta in real life, the actress too retained the sense of humor as she responded to his post saying, “Actually for once she kinda looks like YOU here @Maheshbhupathi !!! #daddyslittlegirl.”