LIVE: Get ready for the semi-finals: See the most precise Exit Polls on News24

 New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Dec 7: The stage is set and the curious voters will get a feel of which party will have the last laugh as the results are declared in the five states. This is important, important because this is being seen as the semi-finals of the General Election which will be held in 2019. The results will set the mood of the people before the big finals. Now get ready to see the most precise exit poll on News24 from 4 PM onwards on Dec 7. The final phase of elections has been conducted Friday, in Rajasthan and Telangana. Voting began at 8 AM and continues till 5 PM. Here is the exclusive News24-PEACS report:

- Here is the vote share according to the Exit Poll of News 24- PEACS media for Rajasthan

Voting %age in Rajasthan: Cong 46% (9%), BJP 37%  Seat prediction in Rajasthan: BJP 70-80Seat prediction in Rajasthan: Congress 110-120


-Here is the vote share according to the Exit Poll of News 24- PEACS media for Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh:

For 21% voters main issue was unemploymentFor 22% voters price rise was the main issueFor 25% voters plight of farmers was the main issue10% voted on the issue of corruption34% voters were unhappy with working of CM Shivraj ChouhanOnly 19% voters were satisfied with functioning of Shivraj For 35% voters, Shivraj Chouhan was the first choice for CMFor 33% voters,  Jyotiraditya Scindia was the first choice for CMOnly 10% voters want Kamalnath as CM45% voted for change in Govt30% wanted the Shivraj Govt to continue 46% voters expressed anger against MP Govt while voting35% voters expressed anger against Modi Govt while votingVoting pattern of upper caste in MP: BJP 44%, Cong 43%Voting pattern of OBC in MP: BJP 39%, Cong 45%Voting pattern of SCs in MP: BJP 28%, Cong 42%  Voting pattern of STs in MP: BJP 48%, Cong 37%                                Voting pattern of Muslims: BJP 9%, Cong 76%

- Chattisgarh has voted for change, apparently. Joblessness and the woes of farmers have been the major issues. This was expected that the jobs and the farm crisis will be major factors. The other issues where Congress has got an edge are price rise and corruption. The difference is not very huge though and if News24-PEACS is an indication then BJP may be losing by a narrow margin. 

Present CM Raman Singh is still the favourite for most followed by Ajit Jogi. While voting people were guided by a simple maxim: That they have to bring a change in the present state government. 

This a paradox; though people like Raman Singh, they want BJP out of power this time. The verdict is clear but with a smaller margin.

BJP 36-42

Cong 45-51

Others 4-8

Telangana 2018 (119)

-Here is the vote share according to the Exit Poll of News 24- PEACS media for TelanganaVoting percentage in Telangana: TRS 37% (3%), Cong-TDP 36% (+11%), BJP 13% (-2%), AIMIM 4% (4%)  Seat prediction in Telangana: TRS 55-60Seat prediction in Telangana: Congress-TDP 50-55Seat prediction in Telangana: BJP 5-8Seat prediction in Telangana: AIMIM 4-6

The battle bugle is blown and Congress President Rahul Gandhi has set the mood with his tweet:

The votes were polled in a single phase. As per the Election Commission of India, the votes in the five states will be counted on December 12.One still requires patience to know the final results but a tentative picture will certainly emerge in the Exit Polls which will begin shortly.The exit polls will throw light on number of seats, vote percentage and will also discuss as who will be CM in these states as none of the parties has given its CM face in these respective states. So the speculations are rife and we shall be analysing and laying thread-bare the ins and out of the assembly elections in these five states as they are the precursor to the forthcoming general elections in 2019, and therefore important.While the youngest state of India Telangana preponed its election (it was supposed to go for election in May 2019), Rajasthan will see a bipolar fight between BJP and Congress.Madhya Pradesh will be interesting as CM Shivraj Sigh Chouhan has been in power for four consecutive terms. Chattisgarh has the longest serving CM Raman Singh who is fondly called 'chawal Baba' because of his various rice schemes. And Mizoram is the last citadel of Congress, so it is important for India's grand old party.