LIVE: Star voters in Vice Presidential Election; Rekha, Hema, Sachin...

New Delhi: As the day progressed the Parliament witnessed an impressive attendance today. After political stalwarts like Sonia Gandhi, Manhmohan SIngh, Lal Krishna Advani coming to cast their vote in the ongoing Presidential Election, it was the turn of the stars to come out in full attendance.The process to elect the new Vice President of India has begun. Unlike the presidential election where the electoral college also includes MLAs, only members of the two Houses of Parliament can vote in the vice-presidential poll. The voting, counting and result willbe all declared today itself. Here are the LIVE UPDATES:

-Rajya Sabha MP Rekha and Lok Sabha MP Dimple Yadav indulge in some gossip after casting their vote for Vice Presidential Election at the Parliament.

-Not only here but whenever voting takes place, every citizen should vote: Sachin Tendulkar,RS MP after casting vote Vice Presidential Election

-Everybody loves him a lot, he is most capable, he knows entire Parliament, the whole politics: BJP MP Hema Malini on Vice Presidential candidate Venkaiah Naidu.