LIVE:Super Exclusive Honeypreet, "Papa is undisputed leader of Dera"

New Delhi, Oct 3: See Honeypreet LIVE on news24. Honeypreet's first LIVE interview on news24. Wait for all details. 

Honeypreet says Ram Rahim is her father and they have a daughter-father relationship. Here is verbatim what Honeypreet said on News24 channel, your own channel.

-Papa Ram Rahim is the whole and sole of the Dera,all major decisions are taken by him. He is the undisputed head of Dera

-Lot of lies being spread about us, there is not an iota of truth in that

-See what 6 crore girls have to say about Papa. Papa has reformed their lives.

-Can't a father love his daughter, what is wrong in that?

-Papa will come out clean, I'm sure about this.

-I'll go to High Court, if need be to Supreme Court as well.

-Am very close to my family members, love them and they love me.

-Was interested in direction, not in acting

-Papa adopted me as his daughter. 

-I have nothing to do with Vishwas Gupta, have broken all ties with him

-Media is spreading all lies, how can media do this

-Truth will prevail and the world will see this.

-I'm pained and shocked, how can the world do this to us

-We are great patriots and we love India.

-I was very much in India, I i not go to Nepal.