New Delhi: Liking posts on Facebook may often help scammers to steal people’s information, spread viruses and even result in giving out false data on the web. Scammers are using users “Like” on social networking website like Facebook to make them vulnerable to online scams. 

Generally on Facebook, the popular posts appear on the top of the feed. Facebook’s ‘LIKE’ option is basically used for appreciating and expressing thoughts on a post but fraudsters are tricking users by making an attractive or emotional posts popular before editing it to include dangerous content, a report in The Independent said on Saturday. 

Facebook nowadays, is being focused by the cons to trap individuals into sharing their data which can later be utilized as a part of some other route by them. Those waves of sweet posts that sometimes fill your news feed may seem harmless. But all too often, they're being used for other purposes.  For example- Scammers may post a photo of ‘puppies’ or ‘adults’ to seek ‘Likes and  Shares’ from the users on the posts. As soon as the posts get ample likes they may change the content and add malicious content. Likewise, scammers are also promoting fake pages which is extremely dangerous for the users as this may help the scammers to steal user’s credit card information.  At worst, experts say, scammers and spammers are using Facebook, often against the site's rules, to make some easy cash.