Love creating something of my own on sets: Gyllenhaal

Los Angeles:- Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the role of an emotionally destroyed person in "Demolition", says he loves "creating" something of his "own" on film sets. "I create my own sense of freedom and create my own space when I am acting. One thing I hate the most about some actors is when they cut themselves in between scenes. I feel when you're feeling uncomfortable in a scene, you must continue because that's when the magic happens," Gyllenhaal said in a statement.  When quizzed if Jean-Marc Vallée, the director of "Demolition", matches his point of view, Gyllenhaal said: "Jean Marc is a filmmaker who actually lets that happen. He embraces it. And I think with him it was the match of the perfect minds." Written by Bryan Sipe, “Demolition” is a story of second chances, finding oneself, overcoming loss and a rare coming of age story told beautifully by the narrative of Vallée.  The film, which features actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper, is set to release on April 8 in India. "Demolition" is being distributed in India by PVR Pictures.