Machiavelli Modi's message to Pak citizens: Your leaders are fooling you

Kozhikode (Kerala): In  Machiavellian style, Indian Prime Minister on Saturday tried to create a wedge between the rulers and common Pakistanis. Modi urged the young Pakistanis to question the rulers on why they are exporting terrorism while neighbour (India) exports software. PM Modi said that the day is not far when Pakistanis will take to the streets against terrorism.

Modi said, "Today from here, I want to talk to people of Pakistan directly. I want to remind them that before 1947, your forefathers had saluted this land, " adding, "You should ask your leaders why they could not handle East Pakistan, are not now unable to handle PoK, Pakhtunistan, Gilgit and Balochistan. Now they are trying to mislead you by talking about Kashmir".

The Prime Minister urged the young Pakistanis to question their leaders. "Pakistan's public should ask its leaders as to why despite getting Independence together what is the reason India exports software and Pakistan exports terrorism," Modi added.

Lashing out  further at Pakistan, Modi said, "Pakistan leaders used to say that they will fight for 1000 years with India. Wonder where they are now."