Madirakshi faints on 'Siya Ke Ram' set

Hyderabad: Actress Madirakshi, who plays Sita in “Siya Ke Ram”, fainted on the set of the popular mythological show here while shooting. Madirakshi was shooting for an upcoming important sequence despite ill-health. The entire crew immediately ran to her help and a doctor was called to attend to her. “The temperature in Hyderabad is currently unbearable. The heat has been taking a toll on the entire unit. Even though we’ve been shooting indoors, it is very hot to survive,” Madirakshi said in a statement. “I had already been very weak due to the hectic schedules and so when the doctor came to check on me, I wasn’t surprised about him telling me to be only on bed rest and not exert much.  “As of now, production has been accommodating and has been helping me take things lightly. But my work demands me, so I am eating a lot of citrus fruits and even doing yoga to keep myself calm,” she added. “Siya Ke Ram”, which is aired on Star Plus is a unique presentation of Ramayana from Sita's perspective. The show is currently heading towards the big war between Ram (Ashish Sharma) and Raavan (Karthik Jayaram) after the latter kidnaps Sita.