Maharajganj: Massive 432 kg samosa seeks world record

Maharajganj: A samosa weighing 4 quintal was prepared in 15 hours by team of Ritesh in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Prior to this, the record was with the students of Broad Ford college,England, when they made Samosa of 108 kg.

To prepare this fried crispy snack, 2 quintal of potatoes, 2 kgs of peanuts, half kilograms of red chili, 1 kgs of coriander leaves, 500 gram of jayka, 5 kgs of salt, 250 kgs of panch phoran, 5 kgs of green chili, 2 kgs of lahasun, half kilograms of turmeric and four boxes of fenugreek leaves were used. Later, with the half quintal of maida flour, 20 kgs of dalda ghee, a dough is made after adding moyan.

Ritesh said this spicy food item was fried in 8 feet wide, 9 feet long, and 6 inches cooking pot.

Nivedita Shukla