Makers of Tom Cruise film sued

Los Angeles:  The family of a victim of the Colombia plane crash that occurred during the production of Tom Cruise-starrer "American Made", has filed a wrongful death suit against Imagine Entertainment and other production companies.

The suit claims that safety was compromised because flight operations were "rushed" to save money when the movie, which was originally titled "Mena" fell behind schedule, reports

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday on behalf of the family of Carlos Berl, one of the three victims of the crash. 

The twin engine Aerostar 600 plane took off near a jungle filming location on September 11, 2015, and crashed about ten minutes after departure en route to Medellin. Jimmy Lee Garland, the pilot in command, was severely injured and a stunt pilot, Alan Purwin, was killed.

Berl was a student pilot on the flight, and was supposed to participate in transporting the aircraft back to the US from Colombia, according to the lawsuit.