Making of a Don: A slap that made Shahabudin a don

Patna: It was March 15, 2001. A police party had gone to arrest an RJD leader, Mohammed Shahabuddin and his supporters protested and Shahabuddin slapped the police officer Sanjeev Kumar who was leading the team. To take action against the slapping incident, a police party raided Shahbuddin's residence. The Situation worsened and there was exchange of fire between the police and Shahabuddin supporters. Firing went on for 3 hours and 10 people were killed in the incident. However, police were unable to arrest Shahabuddin. This incident turned Shahabuddin into a don. Let's look at Shahabuddin's journey to jail.

2001: Accused of keeping illegal arms after 10 people were killed in exchange of fire between police and his supporters
2003: Arrested on charges of kidnapping and murder of CPI (ML) worker Munna Chowdhary
2004: Shahabuddin accused of murdering brothers Girish Raj, Satish Raj. Case registered for burning the two brothers with acid
2005: Arrested, released on regular bail. Arrested again in Delhi
2006: Accused of keeping a mobile in jail illegally
2007: Sentenced for 10 years by Siwan court in the murder case of CPI (ML) worker
2007: Siwan court sentences him for 10 years in the case of slapping of SP SK Singhal in 1996