Man turns self into 'Meera' for Pakistani 'Krishna'

Lucknow: Braving all odds, a Lucknow lad has undergone a sex change operation to lead a normal life with his paramour from Pakistan, said a report.

Gaurav, a Kathak dancer has changed his sex to become "Meera".

Meera said she led a normal life, had affairs with women until she met Rizwan over a social networking website in connection with her PhD, said a report by The Times of India.

"It began on a very usual note about five years ago...The topic was related to Sufism, which has always reasoned everything around me. He represents a Sufi school of thought too and was helping me understand the nuances for my work," Meera was quoted as saying by TOI.

According to Meera, her relationship with Rizwan grew stronger on social media.

"A time came when we started feeling that we are an extension of each other's soul," Meera told the English daily.

Meera said that her family opposed her decision but her "love" made her go beyond boundaries of "caste, creed and even gender".

"The companionship grew stronger and a time came when he became my mehboob (beloved). In Sufism, that is the pinnacle of love and devotion that crosses boundaries of caste, creed and even gender," added Meera, who underwent three surgeries for sex reassignment.

Meera said they both are a perfect match for each other.

Photo courtesy: TOI

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