Mangoes may prevent obesity and diabetes

New Delhi: Mangoes can prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. A research finding says that this 'super fruit' increases gut bacteria that help in preventing diabetes and obesity. The result has been published in the Journal of Nutrition.


A high-fat diet causes depletion of the healthy gut bacteria. The study says eating mangoes prevents the loss of good bacteria. The researchers at the Oklahama State University feel say that the intestinal tract bacteria plays a role in obesity, and complications caused by obesity-like type 2 diabetes.


This study was conducted over 12 weeks on 60 mice, put in four dietary groups. They were fed with varying degrees of similar high-fat diet. Some in each group were given mangoes as part of  diet. At the end of the study it was found that the mice which lost the least beneficial gut bacteria were the ones fed with mangoes.


Professor Edralin Lucas, who was part of the research team, says,"Mango is a good source of fibre and has been reported in previous studies to have anti-obesogenic, hypoglycemic and immunomodulatory properties. He added that  results of the animal study show that eating mangoes may help in maintaining and regulating gut health, and beneficial bacteria levels.


It is a proven fact that a cup of mango contains large amount of antioxidants, 20 different vitamins and minerals. Earlier studies have shown that mango contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties,  and  high fibre content aids digestion.


Researchers say that further studies are imperative to see if the results on mice can be replicated in humans.