Manoj Bajpayee promotes 'Budhia Singh...' despite being ill

New Delhi: Manoj Bajpayee is known for his professionalism and he showed a glimpse of it during the promotion of his forthcoming film "Budhia Singh - Born To Run". Despite being ill, the actor didn't miss the movie promotion. According to a source, the actor has been down with severe viral since five days which resulted in a lot of weakness. However, he still managed to actively promote the film by taking antibiotics. “We see him survive only on fluids and take medicines in the breaks that he gets in between, and then graciously puts himself together for the next pit stop.” says a source from the ‘Budhia Singh’ team. Manoj has been advised bed rest but even after all those instructions from the doctor, he ran for a marathon that was held by the film’s team as part of the promotional activities.