Manoj Kumar unveils '7 Hours To Go' trailer

Mumbai: Legendary actor Manoj Kumar unveiled the trailer of Saurabh Varma's "7 Hours To Go" at his residence here on Wednesday. "'7 Hours To Go" is a new age thriller. We as directors have achieved very little in comparison to what Mr. Kumar has created and achieved with each and every film of his. So, instead of launching it the regular way, we were honoured to get time from Mr. Kumar and launch the trailer in his presence," Varma said. Actor Shiv Pandit said: "We are thrilled to be in the presence of Mr. Manoj Kumar and the fact that he is appreciating our work, means a lot to us." The movie, releasing on June 24, also features Sandeepa Dhar and Nataša Stankovic. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit too was present for the trailer launch.