Manthan Haryana: CM Khattar reaches the Mathan stage

New Delhi, May 19: The big Manthan Haryana stage is set by News24 where lot of interactions on the vital issues concerning the state and the nation will be discussed at length. Stay tuned for LIVE updates of the day long event. Here are the highlights of the highly engrossing session between Editor in chief Anurradha Prasad and Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar:

-Why are people of India believing in courts more than the politicians? Why the trust factor on the political leaders is being eroded to this extent? Kindly explain this phenomenon  

- I agree when you say that peoples faith on political leaders is being eroded but now this is not the case. Ever since the BJP has come to power, the trust factor on politicians is returning gradually 

-All issues around the controversial babas are given by the Congress government. We have handled these sensitive issues very intelligent with minimum damage 

-Ram Rahim case was handled in the best possible way. Condition would have been further deteriorated if it was not handled the way it was handled. We strictly went by law 

-The Gita is not just a holy book, it is a way of the life. People of all community and class have faith in Gita 

-Gayarti Mantra is again an issue related to faith. Namaz in public places is directly related to law and order situation. The intention is not vindictive. Some people trying to make an issue out of this. This is not political issue, its a social issue 

-We have opened more than 20 women police stations. Number of women in police should increase. More colleges for woman also. Separate transport system for woman, we want to make woman more aware by these steps 

-We want Yoga and wrestling centers, even gyms which can be availed by all; women, youth and elderlies. We encourage good health  

-We are not guided by vinictive politics. We cannot arrest anyone and put him in jail. At best we should provide all  proof and papers to investigative agencies an it is their job to o all this  

-My minsters are not common men, they are responsible politicians and therefore we shuld give them space to put forth their opinion. We work within the parameters of discipline 

-We cannot compare the situation of our farmers with that of the farmers of Israel. Their lifestyle and facilities are different. But we observed their technology and mechanism closely and we hope to implement the same in our state 

-I had a different experience earlier, even if they were not administrative, but those experiences did help. May be the first year was not that impressive, but in next couple of years we have achieved great heights  

-The expenses of my kitchen and my medical bills are given by me personally, from my salary, my govt doesn't pay a penny for my personal expenses 

- I want the people of Haryana to rise above sectarian and narrow views and think as Haryanavis in totality; only then will we develop in true sense.