Maria Goretti's Tips on inculcating good eating habits in kids!

Former MTV VJ, Maria Goretti awed her viewers the moment she hit the small screen.

After fourteen years, she has finally returned with her new show 'I love Cooking' on Living Foodz. In the show, she will be giving a new face to traditional recipes, and dishes that are close to her family. In her opinion, one should never cheat with the ingredients—it can be tasty, but will lack something. Just like any other stay-at home mom, she Googled a lot for new recipes to make the dishes more interesting.

She feels, just like any worried mother, that eating habits begin from an early age itself. Here are three of her tips on promoting healthy eating: 

1. Promote a healthy relationship with food: The way parents feel about themselves, the way they talk about food, and whether they themselves are on diets can affect their children. This is the reason it is so important that we role model healthy eating behaviours and attitudes to food, weight and health.

2. Prioritize family meals: Regular family meals can help kids develop a healthy attitude towards food, and it also gives you a chance to role model healthy eating patterns. 

3. Don't use food as a reward: There is a difference between hunger and emotional needs. It is important to provide the right type of nutrient for different types of needs. It is important to find non-food ways to praise and reward children, for instance create a praising chart or spend time together.