Maruti Suzuki "Vitara Brezza" Is Worth All The Hype: News24 Exclusive

“Maruti Suzuki isn’t late to compact SUV segment party but they are the latest”

The statement “Legends aren’t born they are created” is apt for Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. The car made its first appearance at 2016 Auto Show where it was launched and within three months it crossed 1,00,000 Boookings mark. That feat has made its competitors sweat, with some dropping their ex-showroom prices while other are offering hefty discounts and lucrative deals. Well their roar can’t even match the grunt made by Maruti Suzuki in the Indian market.

The ‘compact SUV’ segment is nearly half a decade old in the country with manufacturers offering one or even two products in the same. Here Maruti Suzuki had a void to be filled where we speculated “Ignis” or “Jimmy” to fill that space. To our surprise Maruti Suzuki had plans that had already taken shape and form under the nameplate of “VITARA BREZZA” and this was an indigenously designed and produced product. Made in India and Made for India by Maruti Suzuki is enough to give nightmares to rest of the manufacturers. Maruti has always pioneered in meeting the demands of the Indian people and they aren’t just a market to them, the bond between Indian people and Maruti is an incalculable goodwill with which Maruti Suzuki can turn, shape and define the Indian Automotive World. The success of Vitara Brezza is one such great example. Also contributing its success is the decision to sell is via regular widespread Maruti Suzuki dealership making it accessible to everyone, what compliments this package is the best sevice network in the country making Vitara Brezza the compact SUV of India.

Maruti Suzuki has done its job with the Vitara Brezza and now it was our turn to put that name to test. Nopes……we won’t give a verdict on this one, our entire nation already has. What we will do in this review is to focus on the real world drivability and handling and highlight everything that will help you in deciding if you should book one or if your better-half was right.

The only major disappointment here being the absence of Petrol power unit.

Look at it and you know that it’s a future ready vehicle and will look in place among cars even after 5 years. With the top model available in twin colour scheme further enhancing the floating roof visual. The front is bold and square, with a sporty bumper housing the indicators and fog lamps, the silver skid plate does below the single slat chrome grill is an attractive combination and the front end of the car does command attention. The headlamps sport a projector and a halogen setup with bull horn shaped DRL’s. The first three quarter resembles a full grown SUV and is a major USP and adds to the overall aggressive look of the car. The side stance is tall with heavy wheel arches, all around cladding and strong shoulder lines if does look buff. The rear profile is well laid out with silver skid plate, chrome garnishing, high mounted brake lights under the rear spoiler, rear wiper, reverse camera and reverse parking sensors and wide tail lamps we got nothing to complain there too. Only Maruti Suzuki could manage to put all this under 4m!!!!!! Yes it is 3995mm in length.

Step in and an all-black cabin greets you, the steering wheel is the familiar with audio, phone and cruise controls. The central console which is in lovely piano black finish carries the new family design incorporating the touchscreen infotainment system, with mirror link, Apple Car Play. The seats hold you in which further reduces the body roll in this stable vehicle. Figuring out a comfortable seating position is relatively easy and you get a commanding view of the road ahead behind the steering wheel. Weather variations across the country are handled by climate control in the cabin. There is ample amount of storage space in door pockets, twin dashboard, storage in front central armrest which btw slides too and more cubby holes all around. The cabin also boasts an instrument cluster which can make all other cars on road feel a generation old, Yes I’m talking about the mood lighting control for the instrument cluster. Here you can choose your cluster colour from five preset colour options i.e. blue, red, white orange and yellow. The different colour options are not only for matching your mood but changing it too, thumbs up to Mr. C V Raman and his team for all the work on Vitara Brezza.

Depress the clutch and hit the push start button to bring that 1.3L diesel unit to life. It’s a familiar engine with similar specs as the Ertiga SHVS that we recently drove. There is a noticeable difference in the NVH levels here, the performance remains somewhat the same. What makes this ride better over here is its high speed stability, the car feels very planted and composed, also the ability of the car to handle all surfaces with ease. The suspension setup is not soft still it gulps all bumps and speed-breakers with ease. It doesn’t panic if you intend to take a quick corner either. However the steering setup has dead points and you can feel that as you push the car even a little bit. Finally there are some areas that need some improvement in this otherwise wonderful vehicle. The addition of cruise control makes this an ideal highway runabout vehicle returning an impressive 24.3 kmpl.

“Fill It Shut It and Trip”  

The size of Brezza makes it perfect for city driving conditions and its high speed stability and suspension make it and ideal highway cruiser as well. It fun, practical, easy to park, easy to manoeuver, comfortable for long journeys and is backed up by Maruti’s service network, which in the best in India. That being said the car does require some arms and elbow work when hiily curves are on the menu.

Maruti Suzuki has indeed created a vehicle that meets the demand of the Indian market better than any other vehicle on offer. When a Maruti Suzuki’s product takes over a segment it is not easy to dethrone by others. The launch and takeover of the compact SUV segment by Vitara Brezza has definitely given sleepless nights to its competitors and few have even dropped their prices by a lakh. With amped up production from Maruti Suzuki to meet the demands and increase the supply there is no reckoning force that can bereave Vitara Brezza from its glory.

Vitara Brezza is already people’s favourite in India and people are plenty in our country. We have witnessed the crazy success enjoyed by Maruti Suzuki’s cars in the past, present and future here and now. That success has never seen a sunset. All I are waiting for is the news- “Vitara Brezza bookings cross 2,00,000 milestone” to come greet my inbox.   

Ed’s Take

He didn’t have much of a chance in front of Vitara Brezza. He was singing out all praises from drive dynamics to visibility to stability to the seating posture. He just went on and on as I enjoyed some John Mayer. For what I thought to be his infatuation turned out to be his new found love. So much so that he is thinking about a live-in relationship, leaving his long time love behind. Yes, he is talking about leaving his 3rd gen City ivtec for this very vehicle.

Whats My Take?

India has bestowed its unprecedented love upon Vitara Brezza and I would like to stand alongside all those who stand with this car. It is one heck of a looker with wide aggressive front fascia, tall stance and high ground clearance put its ahead of its completion. Put the dual tone colour scheme into the equation and it maintains distance front its competitors like Usain Bolt. The interiors are top notch but even the highest model ZDi+ doesn’t get leather seats or leather wrapped steering wheel. The exclusion of an automatic day/night rear view mirror is also a major miss at that price tag. There is ample space to seat three in the rear seats. The boot space is generous and the split fold seats can further enhance that.

Personally speaking the Vitara Brezza is one commendable vehicle but would I buy this car? As of now I wouldn’t buy this car because there are rumours of the 1.0L BoosterJet engine and the 1.6L diesel unit coming to Brezza this festive season. Even the inclusion of an SHVS will be a worthy choice. With increasing number of bookings and the waiting period, it is a wise choice to wait till the festive season for any new update or festive discounts to buy a higher model. The chassis of this car very capable and it will be a huge let down if the 1.6L diesel unit doesn’t make here. If Maruti Suzuki plans to bring in an AWD or 4X4 version then the likes of Renault Duster and Mahindra Scorpio would only be visible on their company’s social media pages. People at Renault are praying for the same too.

The grunt made by Vitara Brezza is such that I feel it is even eating up sales of its own premium NEXA offerings i.e. Baleno and S-Cross. 

Should you buy Vitara Brezza? Yes, go for it if the 1.6L diesel is not what you seek. It is undoubtedly the best car in its segment. If you don’t crave more power of the 1.6L or an enthusiastic from 1.0L BoosterJet then book it ASAP and if you already have then take pride in making your best automotive decision.   

Words & Photography by Atul Bandhu