Masaba-starrer digital film launched

New Delhi: Beer brand Budweiser on Thursday launched a three-part digital film titled "The Hard Way Series" showing inspirational success stories of celebrities like designera Masaba Mantena , Indian team footballer Robin Singh and electronic music artist Dualist Inquiry a.k.a Sahej Bakshi.

It is part of the brand's ongoing campaign titled 'Brewed The Hard Way'. The campaign attempts to reach out to the young adults living life on their own terms, pursuing their passion and taking on the world with confidence. The three-part digital film captures the values of ambition, authenticity, and freedom which has driven these individuals to successfully carve out a niche for themselves. "The common notion is that if you are a celebrity kid you’ve had it easy. But that’s not true at all. Everyone has their struggles and so did I. And the only way I could prove myself was to be as authentic as I possibly could, to let people see the real me through my designs,” Masaba said in a statement. Speaking about his journey as a footballer, Robin said: “I took that as a challenge and trained myself really hard to get where I am today. I believe when you have a goal, you have to believe in yourself and work hard to accomplish it.” Bakshi, who feels that the electronic music scene is booming in the industry, said: “It’s really important to have the freedom to explore this music fully.”