Masterminds' to release in India in October

New Delhi:Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson starrer "Masterminds", a slapstick comedy based on a historic 1997 bank heist, will be releasing in India on October 14.

The announcement was made via a statement from B4U Relativity, which is distributing the movie.

Sunil Shah, Head of Film Division - B4U Relativity, is happy about the release in India. 

"We are extremely excited to announce that our rollicking comedy 'Masterminds' will release on October 14. It is an entertaining goofball heist that stars Galifianakis, Wiig, Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, based on a true story filled with riotous misadventures. 

"B4U Relativity Studios's 'Masterminds' will surely appeal to movie lovers across the country, with an ensemble cast guaranteed to generate many laughs," Shah said. 

Based on a true story, "Masterminds" follows the riotous misadventures of unlikely anti-hero David Ghantt (played by Galifianakis) as he pulls off one of the largest robberies in the US history. 

The trouble begins when David, a trusted armoured-truck driver for Loomis Fargo, falls for beautiful guard Kelly Campbell (played by Kristen Wiig). After she quits her job, Kelly, egged on by local petty thief Steve Chambers (played by Wilson), persuades David to clean out the company's vault in Charlotte, North Carolina.