Matt Damon Is Back In London For His 4th Bourne Premiere

Matt Damon says he loves the character he hasn't played since 2007 "very much" and was thrilled to reunite with Paul Greengrass. Matt Damon has admitted playing Jason Bourne for a fourth time was much harder than when he took on the role as a younger man.


The 45, is returning to the big screen as he drops by London later for the European premiere of Jason Bourne. Set years after the CIA assassin's disappearance at the end of The Bourne Ultimatum, he touches down in Las Vegas, Greece and the UK capital in the new captivating film.


"It was very exciting for me to come back as this character. I love this character very much and it's had a huge impact in my life and my career.


The Bourne franchise has always been at a fascinating crossroad where the success of each movie depends on a combination of fantastic portrayls by Matt Damon that pumps in a thrilling breeze in the series every time.


Tommy Lee Jones returns as CIA director Robert Dewey, alongside Vincent Cassel, Riz Ahmed and Scott Shepherd.


Jason Bourne is released in cinemas on 27 July.