Mazda subsidiary admits falsifying charges to clients

Tokyo: Kansai Mazda, a subsidiary of the Japanese automaker Mazda Motors Corporation on Wednesday admitted that it had charged two clients with over 2,000 items of non-existent car maintenance fees over the past 10 years, amounting to around $1.09 million. Kansai Mazda said one of its store in Osaka sent non-existent maintenance fees bills to two car-renting companies between June 2004 and December 2015, Xinhua news agency reported. The car-renting companies submitted their doubts about the bills to Kansai Mazda in October 2015. The motor company then conducted investigations within the company and found out the misbehaviour. Kansai Mazda said it had returned the falsely charged fees to the two car-renting companies. Mazda is one of the largest automakers in Japan, with its revenue reaching record high in fiscal 2015, amounting to $33.9 billion.