McAfee unveils this for YOU

Las Vegas, Oct 19: As the need to defend data against cyber threats increased the demand for open and efficient security operations, global cybersecurity firm McAfee on Thursday launched new endpoint and cloud solutions. The solutions, unveiled at the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit here, go beyond machine learning to take advantage of the speed and accuracy of advanced analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as increase efficiency of security operations. McAfee's new solutions make use of the automation, reasoning and data curation provided by advanced analytics technologies, allowing security teams to easily discover and assess data and root out threats. "McAfee is acting on 'Together is power' principle with collaborative security that combines the unique advantages of people, machines and partners enabling teams to be situationally aware of security events and take swift action to thwart assaults, from the endpoint to the cloud," Chris Young, CEO of McAfee told reporters here.  During his keynote, Young said that there is no silver bullet to deal with any cyberthreat because the style of the attacks would keep on changing very quickly. As the companies unveil new solutions to counter the new kinds of cyberattacks, Young said, that there is not one company that will solve this problem. "We see the real power in togetherness. Through human-machine teaming, we can work together across organisations to attack the biggest vulnerability -- which is cyberthreat -- in this digital age," he noted. By opting new McAfee solutions, the customers can defend most prominent attack points on premises as well as in the cloud. McAfee's machine learning technology learns from 300 million sensors and the innovations feature ransomware decryption and steganography detection. The "McAfee Investigator" solution applies advanced analytics to increase Security Operations Centre (SOC) productivity by utilising both machine learning and AI to increase accuracy of investigations by automating data collection. The technology within "McAfee Investigator" learns evolving tactics, techniques and procedures to help analysts determine the right questions and explorations to yield efficient and accurate case closure. The "McAfee Endpoint Security" has multi-layer endpoint protection with even more complex analytics that arms security teams with the data needed to thwart an attack.