Meet Bros ready to judge reality TV show

Mumbai: Music composer duo Meet Bros -- Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh -- known for their songs "Baby doll" and "Chittiyan kalaiyan", are open to the idea of judging a reality TV show. Asked if they have got any offers to judge any reality shows, Manmeet said. "Last year, we got an offer but we mutually decided that it's too soon for us to do so. We thought that we are still new and there is a lot that we need to come out with. "Now we are ready to judge a reality TV show and we are in talks with channels for it. I feel it's very interesting... It's a beautiful platform for any person to showcase his talent." Harmeet said work-wise, it has been a great year for them. "Work-wise life has only become better. We never expected much from life even when we didn't have work for five to six years. We were chilling. We don't remember any phase where there was no work and we were depressed. We have always been positive," Harmeet said. Being detached is the key to not being affected by failure or success, said Harmeet. When asked if they look forward to awards, Manmeet said: "Last year, when 'Baby doll' didn't win anything, we were surprised because that was like a rage and that got us thinking that maybe there is some formula or method to it. That's when we realised that we should detach ourselves from this. "This year, when we got the awards, we were very humbled."