Mel Gibson 'sorry' for past bad behaviour in past

Los Angeles: Actor-filmmaker Mel Gibson has opened up about his past misdemeanours and controversial statements. He is "sorry" for his actions.

The 60-year-old's public image reached rock bottom in 2006 when he hit the headlines for calling a female police officer "sugar t**s". He was branded a racist for anti-Semitic comments he made during the same drunken rant and then had domestic abuse claims made against him by his former partner Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his six-year-old daughter Lucia.

Gibson says he has battled to rid himself of his inner demons and beat his alcoholism and he knows he "screwed up" big time.

"I've done a lot of work on myself these last 10 years. I've deliberately kept a low profile. I didn't want to just do the celebrity rehab thing for two weeks, declare myself cured and then screw up again," Gibson told

"I think the best way somebody can show they're sorry is to fix themselves and that's what I've been doing and I'm just happy to be here. He who tries, gets. If you try, you get somewhere," he added.