Mercedes-Benz GLC-Coupe India Launch Likely In 2017

Mercedes-Benz shows no signs of slowing down. The German carmaker already has the biggest luxury car portfolio in the country, and, come 2017, it will be adding more to the tally. It is highly likely that the GLC Coupe will be on the list as well. Styled on the lines of its elder sibling (the GLE Coupe), the GLC Coupe brings in the hit-or-a-miss 'SUV meets Coupe' styling to a lower rung of the luxury segment. 

Mercedes-Benz recently launched the GLC SUV, their answer to the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5. It plugged a long-standing gap in the automaker's portfolio, between the GLA and the GLE. With the addition of the coupe, Mercedes will have a total of six different models for the SUV aficionado to choose from. 

The coupe looks identical to its SUV sibling up to the B-pillar, post which, the roof-line dives into the tail-section. Visual elements such as the diamond radiator grille, bigger alloy wheels, blacked out mirror caps and skid-plates add a bit of sportiness to the package. The rear looks like a scaled-down version of the bigger GLE Coupe, integrating the large tail-lamps and the sharply raked windscreen into one good-looking package. 

Globally, the GLC Coupe is available with 8 engine options including a hybrid and an AMG-fettled V6. For India, we expect Mercedes to plonk in either the 220d or the 250d diesel engine, that generate 170PS and 204PS of power respectively. Considering the uncertainty over the future of diesel cars in India, the Coupe may debut the 350e petrol hybrid as well. That said, we wouldn't mind if Mercedes went the whole hog, and got us the GLC43 AMG, that houses a  367PS bi-turbo petrol V6, capable of a 0-100kmph time of under 5 seconds. 

We expect the GLC Coupe to debut in the first quarter of 2017. Also, it is likely to carry a slight premium over the standard SUV that starts at Rs 50.7 lakh. Prices for the Coupe could start at around Rs 55 lakh. What do you think of the GLC Coupe? Let us know! Meanwhile, take a look at how its SUV sibling performed when we put it through its paces in beautiful Coorg! 


Mercedes-Benz GLC-Coupe India Launch Likely In 2017