Metro: A great option for Daily Commuters!

If you're contemplating to commute via the metro as opposed to driving, you're trying to save time as you're in the third most populated city of the country. The New Delhi metro station is a heaving mass of people, buzzing through various connections, trying to make it to their destinations. Delhi Metro, today, has leveled with Paris RATP, Barcelona TMB, Hong Kong MTR, and more. It's certainly a proud moment for Delhiites. The Metro continues to grow from strength to strength. It has definitely revolutionized the way the city functions. I was on the metro rail this morning, commuting from Saket to Noida, post my daughter’s PTM, it was around 9am. It was truly the most relaxed commute across the city, completely devoid of the horns and hums of the trailblazing traffic. Here are three of my reasons for recommending the metro for daily commutes:

Firstly, the thing that impressed me was the frequency of these trains. Be it peak hours or downtimes, the frequency between two trains wasn’t more than 2-3 minutes, which is great while trying to curb population on stations. Increased frequency also leads to more and more people opting for metros as a solution to commuting, which is great for revenue. It also speaks volumes about the standard and quality of the service provided if they are efficient and arrive timely.

Secondly, the exclusive ladies compartment! In every metro, the first two coaches are assigned to women only. It is adhering to the religious and conservative sentiments of our society. Also, it is safer than three grill doors in the entrance of your house. The female guards are always present at the doors to ensure safe entry and exit, in every station. Thus there are less instances of strangers eavesdropping and following a girl from a metro train if she's travelling in the ladies coach. Also, less thefts as well.

Thirdly, ultra-glam stations! Their dolled up prettier than the bride on her wedding with its attractive marketing jigs on the walls. A definite kudos to the administration for keeping it uber clean, after all these years. No litter! No stains on walls! They are convenient enough to navigate through, with guards as well as service stations properly placed to guide you. Food courts are there if you need to grab a quick bite. They are quite well equipped to serve your needs - be it the gigantic multi level Rajiv Chowk station, or the INA station with its amazing collection of handicrafts and paintings, the Delhi Metro stations are sure swanky!  

I’ve travelled for about 2.5 years on the metro in Toronto, Canada. Thus I can definitely agree with one fact – they’re definitely an unwearied way of travelling. Picture this – the cool air greets you and helps you combat hot Delhi summers. It’s also facile on your pocket -  the cost from Delhi University (North Campus) to Huda Metro Station is a mere 28 bucks. You only progress as a county once you think on a macro level, rather than being individualistic. What the metro has done for the city is it has very finely knitted the various spots into a complacent and fluid blanket that has made it so mobile that it is brimming with connectivity and accessibility.