Mira’s first Karva Chauth was a grand affair, the inside story

New Delhi, Oct 7: When the love story of actor Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput was nothing less than a fairytale, where a humble and beautiful Cinderella meets her handsome and famous prince charming; their first Karwa Chauth had to be special. Shahid and Mira married in the most unconventional way. Their marriage is a perfect example of weddings made in heaven and solemnised on earth. Whenever one sees Shahid and Mira together, one feels the couple was always bound to be together. More the merrier, as the curiosity ceases to satiate. Fans crave to hear something new and beautiful about the love story of this popular Bollywood couple. They have also acquired a popular nick name ‘Shamira’. 

Despite the age difference (Mira is 13 years younger to Shahid) and contrasting family backgrounds, (while Shahid’s is a celebrity family Mira comes from a humble background)  their going has been smooth. The beautiful couple tied the knot on July 7, 2015.

Soon after their marriage, everyone was looking forward to Mira's first Karwa Chauth. Mira celebrated her first Karwa Chauth on October 30, 2015. And, to make the day special and memorable for gorgeous Mira, Shahid took a day off from his tight schedule and spent the entire day with Mira. According to reports, Mira was preparing for her first Karwa Chauth one week in advance and wanted it to be extra special for both.

Fans of Shahid and Mira got a sneak peak of their Karwa Chauth celebration when Shahid posted a selfie with Mira on his Instgram account.


Shahid had revealed about his relationship that they are different from each other and this very thing works for their relationship. He said, “I think the fact that we are different works for us. It is a nice thing that we are different from each other. But at the same time we are good at communication, we get along well."

Shahid and Mira have been leading a successful married life and the couple is also blessed with a baby girl Misha. Today Mira is not known as Shahid's wife but she has created her own identity with her beautiful dressing sense and stylish persona.

Thanks to her good looks, speculations are doing the round that soon Mira will make her acting debut to which Shahid has no qualms. This is the reason they are tagged as one of Bollywood’s most beautiful couple, complementing each other beautifully.

By Renu Baliyan