Mischa Barton locked in legal battle with mother

Los Angeles: Actress Mischa Barton is locked in another bitter legal battle with her estranged mother -- a year after suing her for fraud. The 30-year-old star has accused Nuala Barton, who was also her manager, for delaying the planned sale of the mansion they jointly own in Beverly Hills, California, by locking her out of the property and refusing access to potential buyers, reports dailymail.co.uk.  She also accuses her mother of refusing to work with Josh Altman, a Los Angeles realtor appointed to sell the seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom property, and refusing to sign off on strong offers from potential buyers.  However, Nuala has blasted her daughter's claims as "heinous" and "false" and says that they are "estranged as a result". Mischa, who recently appeared on "Dancing With The Stars", previously sued her mother in 2015 accusing her of defrauding her by stealing her money. She accused Nuala of taking out massive loans against the house behind her back and turning the home into her "personal ATM".  Mischa even claimed she was then kicked out of the home by her parents who wouldn’t let her back on the property. That case was dismissed back in February with the terms of the agreement stating Nuala would sell the home with Altman as the listing agent.