Missiles for self defence, don't violate n-deal, says Iran

Canberra  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday said that Tehran's recent ballistic missile tests were only for self defence and did not violate the historic nuclear deal. Zarif made the comments during a joint press conference in Canberra with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, EFE news reported. Zarif confirmed that Bishop had questioned him about the missiles tested last week, which drew international concern, but maintained that they had not violated the nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers that saw international sanctions on the nation lifted in January. "Iran will never use any means to attack any country, including our missiles. These are only for our defence," he said. "I challenge those who are complaining about Iran's missile programme, taking photographs and making slide shows and all of that in front of the Security Council to make the same statement." However, Bishop said Australia would support a UN investigation into the tests. Zarif's visit to Australia comes as part of his six-nation Asia-Pacific tour.  It is the first visit by an Iranian foreign minister to the country since 2002.