Mitsubishi Announces Winter Service Campaign

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has announced a winter service campaign for its customers. The camp, called 'Gear up for Winter Campaign' and 'Service Caravan', will be conducted at all service outlets of the manufacturer for the whole month of November. 

The campaign includes a 30-point check-up of the vehicle with "a detailed examination of all key functions of the vehicle".  Mitsubishi says that this "will enhance the superior driving experience during the tough winter ahead". The campaign also includes discounts on car care products and fuel additives, and a free car wash as well. 

The Service Caravan is a periodic activity carried out by Mitsubishi, at three locations - Mumbai, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. "Mitsubishi Motors have deputed Japanese technicians so as to have direct interaction with customers and to have rewarding ownership experience. The technician would also equip the dealer service personnel during the activity," read a press release issued by the manufacturer. 

Mitsubishi India currently retails the Pajero Sport and the Montero SUV. The current scenario is bleak, with a lacklustre product lineup and feeble sales and service network. The brand shot to fame with its popular Lancer sedan, which took on the Honda City of yesteryears. Sadly, the brand failed to keep up with the fast-changing competition and was gradually relegated to the sidelines over the years. The Japanese auto giant found themselves in a soup recently, over fudged fuel-efficiency numbers, and was subsequently acquired by Nissan. Recent buzz suggests a possible compact SUV, developed in conjunction with the Renault-Nissan alliance, which we hope signals the revival of Mitsubishi in India.


Mitsubishi Announces Winter Service Campaign