Modi crorepati offer..Get Rs 1 crore CASH for benami property info

New Delhi, Sep 23: PM Modi has decided to make you a crorepati just before Diwali. The best part of PM Modi's 'Aap Banenge Crorepati' is that you can be a crorepati without answering a single question and without putting in any effort. What is the scheme, you will ask?  

The Modi government has decided to give cash rewards to secret informers providing tip offs to investigative agencies about Benami Properties. “An informer will get minimum Rs 15 lakh and maximum Rs 1 crore," a source was quoted as saying by ANI. The scheme likely to be announced before Diwali.

All details and identity of the informer will have be kept secret. however, the information given by the informer has to be accurate for him/her to be eligible for the prize.

Though reward schemes exist, but they are not very lucrative. The reward has been been kept at Rs 1 crore as finding and locating benami properties is a very difficult task.

“It would be a lot easier, faster and effective method of operation if we take the help of informers. If we have an attractive award prize for informers then our task will become easy and we will start cracking Benami property holders nationwide," A CBDT official said.

The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 was introduced from November 1, 2016.